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If you are serious about the job at hand, you need a serious tool to achieve a positive outcome – Neo Tools are there to assist.

Neo Tools are made from excellent quality materials, ensuring the tool will match the task at hand. The tools are manufactured using CrV steel, CrMo steel, S2 steel and SVCM steel – theses tools are guaranteed to meet your expectations.

These are top of the range tools for serious tool and product users; not limited to auto electricians, auto panel beaters, electricians or assembly technicians – these tools are aligned to users who respect their tools and know that they will exceed their expectations – without breaking the bank.

Neo Tools is a leading brand from Poland and is the most recognisable tool brand in Central and Eastern Europe and are sold in over 40 countries around the world.

The tools and products undergo stringent testing to ensure the quality remains high. All tests are carried out using specialist control-measurement equipment. This is confirmed by tests carried out periodically by independent notifying entities, such as the German TUV, the Polish Research and Development Centre PREDOM, Eltest and the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification.

We believe in our products and have so much faith in the product that we offer a “life-time guarantee” on all Neo Tool products.

Neo Tools are the considered the “Rolls Royce” tools and products in our stable – excellent tools at affordable prices – with the peace of mind that you have a Partner backing you all the way.

Neo Tools

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